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Registration for IAS ITC Board Course is now open.

The IAS Board Course is specifically designed to get candidates ready for their upcoming SAICA ITC Examinations:

What makes our board course stand out!

We have decided that it is imperative for us to run a board course. We have had feedback from many students in the previous classes, which indicated that they want a board course with the IAS approach. 

Therefore we will run our board course focused on IAS students and their needs to be coherent with everything our students have done with us. So there is no transition, just powering forward. We will allow students from other Institutions to register and attend, but we are mainly focused on IAS students.


We will combine face-to-face / live streamed classes as you are used to, with videos and other material. We focus on solidifying your content knowledge,  application, integration and exam technique. You, of course, already know that the IAS staff are involved in setting, marking, and moderating the ITC, so we bring all those learnings and experiences into the approach.


You will get additional material, questions and working examples and retain your access to the LMS. We will also have trainee support on what, how, when, and where because they were just there.




Our board course will be suitable for students that are preparing to write their ITC in January 2023 and will be structured to start after the results are released for our January 2022 intake, with a break in December and then another batch of support lectures in January leading up to the exam.




Please email if you are interested in doing the IAS board course. Registrations will, of course, only happen after the results. We want to know who would be interested so we can keep you updated.

Our Fees

 R4 200



Applies to both first-time students and returning students - R4 200

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