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A private provider of higher education, predominantly focusing on a Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy, leading students to become Chartered Accountants.

Lectures and Tutorials

Weekly lectures and tutorials will be presented in all four disciplines: Financial Accounting IV, Management Accounting and Finance IV, Auditing IV, and Taxation IV. You will be exposed to new topics during the lectures and then be able to apply the knowledge you gained in tutorials.

The tutorial sessions will be presented in smaller groups. Here your tutor will explain all the different nuances of the topic based on the tutorial questions you prepared for the session. Examination technique, preparation and strategy will be discussed, and you will also be able to ask any questions you might have. This process will ensure you are up to speed on each topic covered in the syllabus.

IAS leaves no student behind!

Integrated lectures and tutorials will also be presented where you can exercise your integrated thinking muscles.

All topics presented are in accordance with the SAICA competency-based framework (CBF). At all times, you will be able to track your knowledge and progress against the CBF to be sure that you will be prepared for the Initial Test of Competence (ITC).

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Study Group
Mentoring and Coaching

As a student, you will access all lecturers for one-on-one consultations. In these sessions, you can ask any questions you might have on the content presented, obtain career advice, study skills, exam skills, etc. You will also have access to our motivational mechanisms to ensure that you will pull through the more difficult times.

Lecturing Team

A dynamic group of individuals presents the IAS CTA programme. The team includes highly experienced lecturers and young, vibrant lecturers in touch with modern students' needs. Together, the lecturing team will present the syllabus creatively and thoughtfully using various tools and techniques.


The goal of the lecturing team is to convey their knowledge as efficiently and effectively as possible to ensure our students' success.

"Your success is our success". 

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