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Our Technologies

Technology is vital in most businesses, even more so in education delivery. The days of book-lined quiet libraries are over. There is a revolution in education changing everything.

The definition of any technology strategy needs to be dynamic. Technology evolves, and one cannot afford to be stagnant. Implementation, therefore, needs to be continuous and practical.

When you join our programme, you will have access to several new and continuously developing technologies, with the important distinction that it cannot be technology for the sake of technology, but rather, technology that makes a difference, that works, that changes the playing field.

Using technology also means that both lecturer and student engage and use the various tools. Technology is therefore embedded in the context of the course material to ensure that you become technology efficient, with tools to make you more efficient and relevant in the workplace. Students are, therefore, advanced users by the end of the course.

Our current technologies include:

Learner Management System (LMS)

Through the use of our LMS (Classe365), our students have access to all electronic content, forums, chats, email queries, and progress reports.

E-Notes and Tutorials 

As part of out sustainability strategy all resources will be made available electronically for your convenience.

Animated Video

Video content will be made available to students. These videos could include an overview of a topic as well as additional explanations of intricate issues.

Online Applications

Enjoy the convenience of applying online. No obligations. No cost is attached to the application.

Dynamic Presentation Tools

Tired of the same old PowerPoint presentations? Come to IAS and experience a new range of exiting presentations tools!

Business Applications

You will be exposed to, and use, a range of business applications during the course of the programme as part of our fully integrated IT approach.


See the bigger picture relating to topics though infographics depicting how everything fits together.


Enjoy learning again through interactive, engaging e-learning material available at your fingertips. 


Video Conference

Video conferencing consulting facilities are available.

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