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Registration for IAS ACTION APC 2024 is now OPEN!


The IAS ACTION Professional Programme is designed to be a hyper-personalised learning journey wherein candidates develop their professional competence and refresh their technical competence.


IAS partnered with Advisory&, otherwise know as 4th learning who performed a review of the SAICA education system from school level all the way through to the APC as a project for SAICA, and therefore has a unique insight into the educational process. This research is informing the preparatory programme design to produce a product to address the gaps identified in their research, and to correct these as part of the preparatory programme. The Advisory& staff are leading the technical aspect of this part of the course.

The whole programme is a graduated learning process where the development is a stepwise development path, with a systematic development path through the competencies.


The competencies are developed independently, and then the application is then taught in the simulated cases.


The student is initially tested on a competence platform to assess their core skills directly outside of the technical content or context, these include for instance ability to think critically, the ability to research, business acumen etc. Once the assessment is complete, the portal will create a hyper-personalised learning journey for each student based on their profile. The student will then need to self pace work through the content to develop their specific skills gaps.


Running in parallel to this is a case study development course which compliments the direct skills acquisition, presented on a blended learning basis including a combination of video content and live presentations and workshops. This will link the direct skills learned to utilising these skills directly in the context of a business problem to develop students skills further within context, and essentially to directly apply these skills and competencies in the case process (real-world problem examples).


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