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About us

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The CTA is a challenging qualification and requires a total commitment from students and staff. Why not take a group of top academic minds, give them the best teaching tools and technologies, place their focus on teaching the CTA programme only, develop new and better content and teaching methods, and create the best CTA programme in South Africa?

That’s what we did…

The demise of any business is standing still, not being continuously innovative, not listening to your market, and not developing as your customers and environment change. The bureaucracy and sheer scale of public Universities make creating such an environment difficult if not impossible, and that is why we felt it time to create a private Institution which had the freedom to innovate, to develop our programme to be dynamic and cutting edge, using the best technologies and teaching methodologies.

The result is a staff with more than 100 years of accumulated CTA teaching experience, at the forefront of CA (SA) education, with resources, knowledge and drive to improve things.

The CTA programme will be presented nationwide from different hubs in the major cities where demand supports delivery.

Our goal: To create the best CA (SA)’s in South Africa.

What we are about

The Institute of Accounting Science is a higher education provider, predominantly focussing on a Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy, leading students to become chartered accountants.


The qualification requires accreditation by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. They provide a detailed competency-ba framework which guides providers in developing and designing course material and maintaining quality standards.


As an institution of higher learning, we are committed to contributing to the consolidation of democracy, social justice, and the growth and development of the South African economy and the growth of Africa as a whole. We are dedicated to nurturing scholars who will contribute positively to society by advancing knowledge and paving the way to a better future.


Society is changing, and IAS has positioned itself to meet these changes. We are ready to educate and train graduates to work in fields where they will be valued for their specialised knowledge and ability to research, communicate and solve problems. IAS's students are recognised internationally because of the skills and training they receive during their years of study. Our graduates are globally relevant, and they make an impact in the different spheres where they serve.


Our Essence


To be the leading CTA programme in South Africa through innovative and interactive teaching philosophies and provide our graduates a base for lifelong learning.



Our vision is for a professional corporate CTA offering which enables learners from all walks of life to become Chartered Accountants.






Core purpose

To provide a high-quality CTA qualification for the South African market and create the CA(SA) of the future. Success will be measured by the performance and achievement of our graduates.


Core Values

Professional, Ethical, High Technology, Delivery.

Legal Status

We are a private company registered as a (Pty) Ltd for-profit legal entity.

Language Policy

The Institute of Accounting Science Language Policy follows section 27(2) of the Higher Education Act (1997), which requires higher education institutions to develop and publish a language policy. We subscribe to a multilingual ethos where the linguistic diversity of the Gauteng province is acknowledged and conditions created to support successful teaching, constructive and meaningful academic discourse, and effective institutional governance and communication.


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