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  • What is the Institute of Accounting Sciences (Pty) Ltd (IAS)?
    IAS is a private, SAICA accredited CTA provider. Upon completing the IAS Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy (PGDA), a student will qualify to write the SAICA board exam. The IAS PGDA is the equivalent of a public university PGDA. The PGDA is SAICA Accredited.
  • Does IAS offer a part-time program?
    IAS does not offer a part-time programme. However, it provides a flexi-time program where lectures are presented late afternoon/evening. Lectures are presented physically on campus in Alberton Johannesburg, live-streamed, and recorded to be uploaded on the learning portal. This is supplemented with the video content in a blended learning approach.
  • Where will the lectures be held?
    All lectures will be held at the DCA Johannesburg Campus: 30 Doncaster Road New Market Park Johannesburg Gauteng See map in contact us.
  • What are the entry requirements?
    Students should have successfully completed a SAICA accredited undergraduate degree in accounting at one of the SAICA accredited Universities. It is recommended that students should have qualified to enter their undergraduate Universities' CTA program. If you don't meet these requirements, don't hesitate to contact us at with your circumstance, and we can advise.
  • What are the enrollment procedures?
    The enrollment process is two-fold. Firstly an online application is filled out in which your academic record is attached. Secondly, a potential student will have to attend an interview with a member of the IAS team to discuss their circumstance and base.
  • Is the IAS PGDA a purely online course?
    The IAS PGDA is not purely online and is a full-contact program with additional online resources; therefore, the program uses a blended teaching approach. Although it is a full-time program, it offers a flexi-time alternative, in which lectures and tutorials are presented late afternoon/evening.
  • What are the fees and what does the fee include?
    The fee depends on how you make the payment. Please refer to the downloadable fee schedule under the "programme" tab, under the "fees" heading at the bottom of the page. This fee includes: Course fees. Lecture attendance, live stream, and videos (access to all, you choose your model). Electronic notes. Consultations with staff members. Remarking of scripts upon application.
  • Does IAS only provide the PGDA programme?
    No, IAS offers the BCTA Programme as well. This programme serves as a refresher course for the PGDA course and is not Accredited.
  • Does IAS offer a Bridging Course programme?
    Yes, we do offer a BCTA programme. Please refer to Programme > BCTA programme for more details.
  • Does IAS offer student accommodation?
    Yes, for more information, email:
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